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Food Safety & Quality System

As a food innovator or entrepreneur, you want to produce products of high and consistent quality. You are also required to provide food products that meet minimum food safety standards to ensure they cannot cause injury or illness.​

We can work through the process of identifying and determining how to prevent or control food safety hazards and quality issues for a food product. Here is some of what we provide:

-Audits (SQF) and Inspection  

-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) 

-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 

-Food Safety Plan (FSP) 

-Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCQI) 

-Systems development  

  • Incoming raw materials 

  • Storage 

  • Finished goods 

  • Warehousing 

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Quality assurance 

  • R&D 

  • Culture 

  • Pest Control 

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