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“Upcycled Food Is The Coolest Trend You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”

Good news about food waste!

We’ve all heard that 30-40% of all food gets tossed in the dumpster.

Now you can do something about it!

Upcycled foods, made from ingredients that would get thrown away. You can help reduce waste and help the environment. It’s an eco-friendly choice that consumers are looking for.

Using upcycled ingredients shows a brand's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Examples of Upcycled ingredients available


Barley protein - comes from the leftover grains after beer brewing.

Coffee cherries – made from the outside fruit of the coffee bean.

Oat protein- uses spent oat grain to make a high protein, high fiber powder.

Cacao Fruit syrup – made from that usually discarded flesh of cocoa pods.

Prebiotic ingredients – made from potato starch wasted in potato processing.

Do you have an upcycled strategy for your brand?

Food Forward Consulting has led our client toward emerging food trends since 2000. We’re on top of food and ingredients trends, suppliers and regulations.

This month we're offering and 30 minute free "Upcycled Product Review".

Contact us to book an appointment. We can discuss easy ways to use upcycled ingredients in your products and even make label claims.

I look forward to connecting,

Dave Foerstner

Founder & Technical Director

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