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A Dip into Vegan Deliciousness: A Success Story

A Fresh Perspective for Fresh Vegan Dips

A trio of sisters approached Food Forward with a vision: to create exceptional vegan, organic dips that conformed to a Whole 30 diet. Their dietary restrictions made them unsatisfied with the dips currently on the market, and they faced challenges in using traditional formulas to create their dips.


We decided it was time to go beyond the run-of-the-mill vegan dips. By identifying unconventional ingredients and deviating from typical dip formulations, we achieved exceptional results, creating delicious vegan, Whole 30, and organic dips that didn’t feel like they were missing a thing.


Dip Dilemmas Defeated

That’s not to say we never faced any bumps in the road launching the products from concept to shelves. The formulation we landed on required meticulous attention to detail, and we eventually had to switch co-packers to ensure the product met our top-notch standards. But despite these challenges, our expertise ensured that the products exceeded our client’s expectations and surpassed their competitors. Next, we helped the sisters amp up their formulations with fresh ingredients by assisting them to forge partnerships with produce suppliers, and now it was time to enter the market!

Big Interest

Their dips quickly caught the eyes of big industry players like Costco, who expressed interest in transforming their delicious dips into salad dressings. It was time to do what we’re best at—formulating great products. Leveraging Food Forward’s guidance, the sisters adapted the formulations, impressing Costco with their versatility and flavour profile.


Expert Guidance: Navigating the Flavour Frontier

Any great product idea can flourish with expert guidance in product development. Food Forward helped the three sisters navigate the complexities of the food industry. From formulating to marketing to finding partners, we transformed these wholesome dips and dressings from a dream to a reality.


Let’s Chat!

Whether it’s time to launch your dream product or expand its reach, email me at Let’s find out how we can help make it happen!

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