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Why Food Consultants Matter: Guiding Food Businesses to Success

We recently collaborated with a food startup in the heart of NYC aiming to revolutionise the ready-to-eat chicken strips market with innovative flavours and all-natural ingredients. However, their journey underscores the common hurdles faced by startups in product development and manufacturing.

Flavour: Crafting Crave-Worthy Creations

Initially, the recipes, crafted by a local chef, failed to meet expectations in both taste and consumer appeal. Leveraging our culinary expertise, we partnered with the client to develop irresistible flavours that truly resonate with consumers.

Shelf Life: Extending Naturally

Trials with the co-packer initially fell short of shelf-life expectations. Traditional shelf-life extenders, deemed unnatural by consumers, posed a challenge. However, tapping into our trusted supplier network, we devised a natural shelf-life extension system that surpassed the client's expectations without compromising quality.

Processing: Optimising Yield and Quality

Samples produced by the co-packer were not consumer-ready, and yields were subpar due to the absence of traditional enhancers. Collaborating closely with the client, we established the gold standard for the product and worked with the co-packer to optimise their processes. Through innovative ingredient sourcing, we achieved optimal yields while maintaining product integrity.

The Culmination: Wok-Fried Delights

The result? Wok-fried chicken strips boasting crave-worthy, savoury flavours free from objectionable additives, setting a new standard in the industry.

A Recipe for Success

Food product development is an intricate balance of art and science, requiring expertise in both realms. Our experience with cutting-edge ingredients and manufacturing techniques ensures success, bringing culinary visions to life.

Partnering for Progress

Food Forward Consulting is honoured to have collaborated with the brand team and manufacturer. Stay tuned for the official product launch announcement, marking another milestone in our journey.

Ready to Transform Your Culinary Vision?

If you're seeking to streamline your product development process, mitigate risks, and ensure excellence for your next launch, reach out to us at or DM us here. Let's turn your culinary dreams into reality!

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